Easy Money: How a Huge Jackpot Can Break Your Life


Jackpots in gambling can be hundreds of millions of dollars. But not all winners managed to spend this money wisely. The absolute jackpot record in world history was set in 2016 in the American Powerball lottery when the holders of the three winning tickets shared $ 1.586 billion.

Today, each day the lucky people from all over the world win crazy amounts of money in gambling. Top online casinos like BetChan Casino provide numerous high-quality titles with gigantic prizes. Clients test their luck against other players. But not all of them can spend correctly and increase the money received. In this regard, here are some of the craziest ways to spend a huge jackpot.

Father of Legalization

A couple of years ago, Canadian authorities legalized marijuana for recreational purposes in their country. But few people know that this achievement is associated with one of the winners of the national lottery: a certain Bob Erb won $ 25 million by buying a lucky Lotto Max ticket.

As an ordinary contractor from the Canadian hinterland, Erb was addicted to using marijuana, and he spent almost all of his winnings to sponsor a campaign to legalize it in Canada. Five years later, Erb’s dream came true, but many still do not know about his contribution to this story.

Damn Win


A sadder story happened to the American William Bud Post, who won $ 16.2 million in the Pennsylvania lottery. Immediately after receiving the first payment, Post began investing money in various family businesses, buying expensive gifts for his loved ones and spending the winnings. What happened next?

  • Soon after the win, the winner’s brother attempted his murder, hoping to take the remaining amount for himself.
  • The attempt was unsuccessful, which cannot be said about the lawsuit of one of his wives, who sued Post for almost half of the winnings.
  • In just one year, the jackpot winner not only managed to spend the entire amount but also owed more than one million dollars. 

Post later went to jail for threatening the collector, and the last years of his life he lived on social benefits, amounting to $ 450 a month. 

Temporary Luxury

Canadian Sharon Tirabassi won a jackpot of 11 million Canadian dollars when she was living on state benefits. The huge win was immediately used: Tirabassi began to help friends and acquaintances who lived in poverty, distributed money to her family, paid people housing, prison bail, etc.

For herself, the winner bought real estate, several expensive cars, exclusive items and travels to Florida, Las Vegas, and the Caribbean. After a couple of years of such a life, Tirabassi returned to where she started – working as a bus driver and living in a rented apartment with a small winnings balance on her account.

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