Winning at online roulette: methods and strategies of professionals

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When we talk about strategies and methods to win at roulette, we enter a fascinating world where mathematics, statistics, logic and luck are intertwined. Since 1657, the year of its birth, scholars and enthusiasts have searched for the infallible system to win at roulette. What are the best systems? Which strategy has the highest chance of success? What approach should be taken when faced with roulette? Do the strategies change if we are in front of an electronic roulette, online or in a real casino? We have turned these questions over to experts in the field, real roulette professionals who have revealed to us the 15 most used and reliable methods. Before we get into the details of all this information, here is where to find roulette on bookmakers:

How to win at Roulette: the best 15 methods used by professionals

Whether online, electronic or real how to win at roulette is a topic that is close to the heart of many fans of this game. As we said earlier there is no foolproof and 100% safe method that allows you to win systematically. However, there are roulette strategies aimed at maximizing profits. Obviously, in order to apply them, it is essential to know the rules of the game well. Before you go to see in detail how they work and how you need to apply them, you should always try these roulette strategies in the demo versions offered by bookmakers. By doing so, you can learn more about the game and understand what works and what doesn’t, without having to invest your capital right away. 

Roulette method: the Pivot system is the most played

The most popular roulette method in virtual casinos is the one that uses the Pivot number, probably because of the extreme ease of application. What does Pivot mean in roulette? It is practically the “pivot” number on which to base the bet. This method is based on the mathematical law of the third and since you bet on 1 single number there is a return of 35 times the stake every time it comes out. To learn more about how it works, please read the article on the Pivot method.

Orfanelli roulette method

One of the most popular roulette systems is the one that uses the Orphan numbers. But how does it work? You bet a total of 5 pieces at a time. The payout is 31 pieces in case of exit of the full number and 13 pieces in case of exit of a horse. To understand how this method works, please read the focus on Orfanelli.

The Mirror Roulette System

A widely used system, both in land-based and online casinos, is the mirror system. It is a very simple strategy to implement on a series of 7 draws. The player simply notes the series and then plays in reverse. This is one of the roulette methods with a very high percentage of success because the possibility that the series of 7 rounds played is exactly the same as the 7 waiting rounds is 1 out of 128, so we will have 127 favorable possibilities and 1 contrary. To learn more about the mechanism of this strategy we refer you to the article dedicated to the Mirror system.

The Andruchi Roulette System

Very particular is the method studied by Andruchi who based his system on the law of thirds. The author has declared that he has carried out 10,000 simulations before making it public and considers it an excellent strategy to win at roulette. This strategy that can be applied only when certain game conditions occur according to Andruchi is almost infallible because it has 93% probability of victory. To learn more read the article on the method devised by the mathematician Andruchi.

The Zero Method

The number 0 is often snubbed by roulette patrons. This is a very serious mistake, in fact, one of the roulette methods mostly used by professionals revolves around the green number. The objective is to wait for the exit of the number 0 and in the meantime minimize losses by exploiting the columns.  To learn more about the system here is the link to the article on the system of the number zero.

Dozens and Columns Repetition Roulette System

Among the roulette methods we should also mention the one based on the repetition of Dozens and Columns. How does it work? In this case the green roulette table is virtually divided into nine groups of dozens and columns. Then, according to the previously extracted number, two separate bets are made following the pattern of the 9 groups and in case of a win you get +4 pieces in your balance. For further details we refer you to the article dedicated to the repetition of dozens and columns.

The roulette method invented by D’Arago

In the centuries-old history of this game, almost mythological characters such as the Marquis d’Arago, who lived in the last century, have found their place. The nobleman, thanks to the experience accumulated in land casinos around the world, developed a safe roulette method to beat the ‘machines’, as he had renamed them in his book “How I mastered these machines” in which he reveals his roulette tricks. To read his roulette strategies we refer you to the article on the Marquis d’Arago system.

Before concluding our guide on all roulette systems, we remind you that you can put them into practice by taking advantage of our comparison of offers and dedicated bonuses of AAMS recognized bookmakers. Below are Terms and Conditions of the offers we highlighted above:

Dopey Roulette Method

The literal translation of the term dopey is silly. This is meant to imply that it is one of the easiest roulette methods to implement. It is ideal, therefore, to start gaining confidence with this game as it allows the player to participate in at least one long session (35 spins) of Roulette, with the possibility of making up the original bankroll. Read more about the Dopey system.

The roulette method studied by D’Alembert

Among the methods used by professionals, there is also the use of progressions or rises which allow you to manage your bankroll in the best way possible. Among the most famous is the one studied by the Parisian mathematician D’Alembert. This progression is based on a very simple rule: increase by 1 unit the bet when you lose and decrease by 1 unit the bet when you win. To understand how it works in detail, we refer you to our detail on the Uppercut created by D’Alembert.

The roulette system of the mathematician Fibonacci

Since we have opened the topic of jacks, we should also mention the one based on the famous sequence of the Pisan mathematician Fibonacci. Many professionals have applied their bets to the sequence: obviously there are pros & cons so we invite you to read the in-depth study dedicated to how to exploit the Fibonacci sequence for roulette.

Roulette strategies: hedging

As you can guess from the name the player to apply this roulette method must aim to cover as many numbers as possible, with the aim of always obtaining a gain, albeit minimal. It is enough to keep 1 loss every 5 wins to always have a profit. This is quite simple since the probability is 30 to 7 (30 numbers covered against 7 not covered). To understand how this works, we recommend reading the article on the hedging technique.

The Columns roulette strategy

The Columns method is a roulette strategy that allows you to win by properly managing the risk of loss. This strategy is applied on a series of 9 numbers because in case of a win within the 9th shot all previous losses are absorbed.

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