Why are we so into Mystery Free Slot Machines And themed Games

a night of mystery slot

It’s no mystery that revealing slot machines around this theme are among the most attractive in the industry. At least that’s what you’ll notice from our range of free games of chance, all accessible without downloading. Here we reveal many of the secrets and mysteries of virtual video slots, with the addition of bonus features for ideally designed puzzles, as well as our exclusive no-deposit bonus offer.

Did you say Mystery? How mysterious! 

While most publishers choose to promote the new slot machine as a growing mystery, through a few images or release ads published on the internet, through our free selection of casino games, you will mostly enjoy the creations already online, which will delight you before you enjoy the latest titles. 

However, here are some of the most popular and enjoyable video slots under this most mystical theme, including the creation of NetEnt and its Magic Portals title. 

No one will know where these fire portals will take you, but if you don’t try to get in and activate them, you’ll never know. 

Bonus and No Deposit Bonus Features

If silence or even concealment are synonyms that ideally define the mystery, on slot machines, the conclusion takes on more meaning with the bonus features that only reveal themselves to you through well thought-out spins and perfectly aligned symbols. That’s when the wilds and scatter symbols, if they remain the most classic for all the video slots in our free panel on these themed games, there are bonus entertainment and mini-games without downloads that will allow you to discover a little more of the secret of all these attractions. .

While free spins will be one of the options that will surely lead you to the jackpot during the game, there are also some promotions to be obtained before launching any spins. This is what we reveal to you in our no-deposit bonus offers through promo codes. And it’s a secret you’ll be careful not to share, as the amount is sometimes limited.

Games for mobile phone

If there are many mysteries that will sometimes never be revealed, there is one that we would like to present to you and detail. All our free casino games under this theme, and many more, are available on your mobile. Smartphones are often the objects we use when the secret or the direction to a stranger is not always favorable to us. An Android or an iPhone is then the object that you take out of your pocket and that leads you straight to a little more certainty. This is how you will also approach all video slots without downloading our guide, and the mystery of slot machines will be able to present itself in all circumstances, while enjoying your full freedom.

Typical Mystery Slot Machine Setups

If free bonus games can sometimes be hidden by the use of certain functionalities, the mystery of video slots does not resist for long to certainties that French and French-speaking punters need to have. It is then that the numerous creations accessible without downloading that we offer you have one of the most classic game boards in 5 reels and 3 rows. Nevertheless, it should be known that some software prefer to create confusion, and that the adaptation is a little more complex, but much more attractive optimization of the wins. This is notably the case of Mystery Of Longwei, by iSoftBet, or the Dragons Mystery by the little known publisher Stake Logic. These creations present a game board composed of 5 reels, but this time with 4 rows. The first named also has the ability to offer you 243 paylines, for full certainty of future victories, and free bonus mini-games that will give you a win multiplier of x10, by waking up this dragon that was only a legend.

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