What are the best leagues to bet on soccer?

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If you are wondering what are the best leagues to bet on soccer then I will give you 7 interesting solutions with the most profitable types of bets.

The leagues I’m going to talk about now are the result of statistical research I’ve done over the last ten years. So ten years we can say that it is relatively reliable.

The Italian Serie B

The first league will be the Italian Serie B on which I advise you to bet on the less than 2.5 goals.  Indeed, it is a league where there are not many goals in general.  In fact the less than 2.5 goals on a 10 year average is 55% of the results. And you can still get a better result by betting on one of the last five teams in the league.

The Dutch Eredivisie

The second league I’m going to tell you about is the Dutch Eredivisie.

So in the top Dutch league it’s quite the opposite. It’s a lot of goals in general, so there it will be more on the more than 2.5 goals that I would advise you to bet on. Simply because on average it happens in more than 60% of the cases.

Another interesting bet to make in this league is to bet on both teams scoring. This happens in about 54% of the cases.

MLS, one of the best leagues to bet on

Now I’m going to cross over to the other side of the Atlantic and I’m going to end up in MLS.  It’s a league you don’t necessarily bet on much from Europe, but it’s a very interesting league.

As for the Eredivisie, it’s a league where it really scores a lot.

For example on the more than 2.5 goals we are at 58%.

But where it becomes interesting is actually on both teams scoring.  MLS is one of the best leagues in the world to bet on this type of bet.  Both teams score in 59% of the games.

The English Premier League

Then we’re going to come back here to the English Premier League.  So I say here because I live in England for those who don’t know it yet.

Betting on the Premier League is a really tricky thing. Even I, who specialize in English soccer, the Premier League is not my favorite league. It’s actually very unpredictable, because anyone can beat anyone or almost anyone. So if there is a type of bet we will say the most playable in this league is the two teams that score.

This is less obvious than in the previous leagues I told you about but in general it happens in 52% of the cases.

The German Bundesliga

Now we’re off to the German Bundesliga.  So if you don’t know much about this championship, whether it’s Bundesliga 1 or Bundesliga 2, it really scores all the time.

For example if you bet on more than 1.5 goals you should know that this is a result that happens in more than 85% of the games.  So needless to say that the odds on this type of bet are very low.

If you want to play it it’s really a combination bet because usually the odds will be around 1.10 – 1.15 rarely more.

In the Bundesliga I would advise you to play the most 2.5 goals. This happens on average in 65% of the games.  It scores so much in fact that you can even try the most 3.5 goals. Especially when there are teams like Dortmund or Bayern involved. When they are involved, it happens in 60% of the cases.

The Austrian Bundesliga

For the next league we stay in the Bundesliga but we go to the Austrian Bundesliga. Like their German neighbors and well that marks a lot.  I also advise you to bet on the more than 2.5 goals. Another championship that is among the best leagues to bet on this type of bet, because it’s a result that happens in 60% of the games. And if you want even more success I advise you to play the top 5 teams.

You can also get excellent results if you bet on both teams scoring or you have an average around 55-56%.

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